2024 Registration Form (Cornwall Kinsmen Girls Softball Association)

2024 Registration Form

Player Information

Parent Information

Please include the main Point Of Contact information for the player

Medical Information

Please include any medical information that a coach should know about while your child is playing softball

Player Experience

The divisions have changed slightly from last year as per OSSTA. For example: U11 means the player has not reached the age of 11 as of January 1st of this year. If you are not sure which division to register in, please refer to birth years located beside divisions. For example: U11 (born in 2013/2014).

Other Information

Registration Policy
I, the undersigned registrant (if of age of majority), or parents or legal guardian of the registrant, hereby agree to indemnify and save the harmless Kinsmen Girls Recreational Softball Association, their sponsors and the City of Cornwall from any and all claims arising out of any incident, accident or injury to the registrant while engaged in the Association, their sponsors and the City of Cornwall will not be held responsible for any such incident, accident or injury.

No refunds will be provided after June 1, of the current year. A $35 charge will be applied for any cheques returned as NSF or stop-payment. Without limiting the generality of this Registration Policy, I, the undersigned registrant (if of any age of majority), or parent or legal guardian of the registrant specifically acknowledge that I understand and agree to be bound by this Registration Policy clauses dealing with registration refunds.

All players must play minimum 51% of games to be eligible to play in the end of year tournament.

I understand that the Kinsmen Girls Recreational Softball Association has the right to change players from team to team at any time in order to balance the teams if necessary. Only siblings and step-siblings are guaranteed to be placed on the same teams. Requests from first-time players in the Association will also be granted.