Tournament Rules (Cornwall Kinsmen Girls Softball Association)

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Ontario Select Softball Tournament Association

2024 Cornwall Cyclones Tournament

Rules of Play

  1. The Softball Canada rules and the OSSTA Association Rules of Play govern this tournament.

  2. No protests are allowed: the umpires’ decision is final.

  3. No rulebooks or rule papers allowed on the field during the game.

  4. Players:

    1. All players must be registered and Photo ID or Birth Certificates or Health Cards must be available upon request

    2. Unlimited defensive substitution of all the players is permitted.

    3. Player(s) may enter and exit the game defensively at any time and in any position.

    4. All jewellery must be removed if possible. This includes breakaway necklaces, silicone wristbands and all typical metal earrings, necklaces and bracelets. The only exception are medic-alert items.

    5. No metal spikes permitted. Steel and Plastic toe-caps must be removed for base running

    6. All registered players will bat in rotation every game

    7. Teams must start each game with 9 players and cannot play with fewer than 8

    8. If a player arrives late, they may be added to the bottom of the line up provided you have not gone through the complete batting order.

    9. In the event of an injury or illness resulting in a player being removed from the game, there shall be no “out” when the player is due to bat and they are skipped over. If the player later recovers to the point they can play, they can re-enter the game and bat in their original spot in the order.

    10. In the event a player is ejected from a game, an “out” shall be recorded each and every time the player’s spot in the batting rotation comes up.

    11. A Courtesy runner will only be granted to the base runner as a result of an injury at the time of the play. The Courtesy runner will be the last out recorded by the team.

    12. A coach may use a Courtesy runner for the catcher to allow the catcher to suit up for the next inning upon 2 outs being recorded

    13. Players will play in the defensive spots that are assigned to them by the coach. Coaches are encouraged to play all players as equally as possible.

  1. Ejections

    1. Any coach and or player ejected from a game as a result of  their conduct must leave the ball park within five minutes. Failure to leave within 5 minutes will result in the  disqualification of the entire team. If a coach or player is ejected they must seek the Tournament Convenors approval after serving a one game suspension in order to coach or play the balance of the Tournament. 

    2. Fans may be ejected by an umpire.

      1. The conduct of the team’s parents and fans are the responsibility of the team’s coach(es). Harassment and/or misconduct by parent(s)/fan(s) will result in a warning followed by the ejection of the parent(s)/fan(s) and Head Coach, if the warning is not heeded. If a coach is ejected they must seek the Tournament Convenors approval in order to coach the next scheduled game.

  1. Game

    1. The plate umpire will keep the official time and will call out the official start time with the first pitch.

    2. Round Robin Game duration: 

      1. No new inning after 90 Minutes or 7 innings, whichever comes first

      2. For 13U games, No new inning after 80 Minutes or 7 innings, whichever comes first

      3. In the event the game reaches 105 minutes in duration, the game will be called and the final score will be based on the last completed inning.

    3. A game suspended by the umpire because of rain or darkness will be considered a regulation game if 3 innings (or 2½ if the Home Team is ahead) have been completed in round robin play. For the semi-final, championship or consolation games a regulation game will be 4 complete innings (or 3½ if the Home Team is ahead).

    4. All championship games will be No new inning after 90 Minutes or 7 innings, whichever comes first.

    5. Pitching and baseline distances will be as published in the 2024 Softball Canada Rulebook.

    6. No infield practice prior to games starting

      1. An infield ball is permitted only while the pitcher is warming up.

    7. Home teams are to be decided by a flip of a coin with the umpire presiding. The team that is the farthest away will make the call.

      1. For elimination games, higher seeds will be considered home

    8. The official score will be that of the scorer’s table and the score sheet turned into the tournament convenor at the end of each game. 

    9. Each team is responsible for supplying a scorekeeper for each game.

    10. Blood Rule: All cuts must be covered and clothes changed, if necessary.

    11. The mercy rule is in effect for all games in all divisions (15 runs after 4 complete innings, 10 runs after 5 complete innings).

    12. A mercy rule will apply to 13U games where a team can only score a maximum of 5 runs per half inning, for the first 4 innings.  All innings after the 4th inning, will be open.

    13. A mercy rule will apply to 15U games where a team can only score a maximum of 7 runs per half inning, for the first 4 innings.  All innings after the 4th inning, will be open

    14. The Tiebreaker rule is in effect (see below for details) if the Championship and/or Consolation game is tied at the end of 7 innings, or after the time limit has expired

  1. Pitching Rule:

    1. All pitchers MUST wear a protective mask.

    2. NO intentional walks aloud.

    3. Pitchers will not be removed for hitting batters.

  1. Stealing 

    1. Stealing is allowed, after the ball leaves the hand of the pitcher.

  1. Lead Off Rule

    1. Runners may leave the base when the ball leaves the pitcher's hand.

  1. Dropped third strike

    1. Dropped 3rd strike, the ball is alive and the batter can run to 1st base, if 1st base is unoccupied.

  1. Infield Fly Rule

    1. Rule is in effect for all Divisions.

  1. Charged Conferences

    1. A Team is permitted 2 defensive conferences per inning. Upon the third defensive conference the pitcher must be removed from the pitching position for the balance of that inning.

  1. Equipment / Batting Helmets / Ball / Home Plate

    1. All batters will wear a batting helmet with straps done up while at bat and on base.

    2. All teams must adhere to their Insurance Carriers policy regarding Batting Helmets with Cages.

    3. All bats must meet Softball Canada requirements. All illegal bats will be removed from the game and given to the convener until the end of the tournament.

    4. Tournament will use the 12" Rawlings Red Dot Balls

    5. The regular 17 inch Home Plate will be used.

  1. Bunting

    1. Bunting is allowed in all Divisions

  1. Base Runner Advancement

    1. After a fairly hit ball, the advancing of runners is not considered over when the ball returns to the infield.

  1. Overthrows - Out of Play

    1. All runners, including the batter runner, will be awarded 2 bases based on the position of the runners when the ball is thrown.

  1. Scores / Standings 

    1. Scores / Standings will be kept for each game for all divisions.

    2. 2 points per win. 1 point for a tie

    3. Plus / Minus run differential to a maximum of 7 runs.

    4. If the Home team is leading or goes ahead in the bottom of the 7th inning, or the last inning, the game is over. (Take visitors for the plus/minus run differential of 7 ).

    5. Tournament standings will be determined by points. Ties will be broken based on head to head (in a full round robin), then run differential and then Runs against divided by innings played, and then Runs for divided by innings played.

  1. Tiebreaker rule

    1. At the start of each inning, a runner (last out from previous inning) is placed on second base with the intent of accelerating opportunities to score and bringing the game to a speedier conclusion

  1. Awards

    1. A maximum of 13 awards will be provided per team.

  1. Cheering

    1. Positive cheering only. The conduct of the team, its spectators and the coaches are the responsibility of the team’s coach(es). In the event of harassment or derogatory remarks originating from the players, coaches or fans, the umpires will issue warnings. If these warnings are not heeded, it will lead to the ejection of the individual(s) involved, and the umpire may call the game awarding the non-offending team with a default win.